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Our Vision

Effective consulting is based on 4 core principles: 1. focused on the client’s needs 2. actionable 3. measurable 4. sustainable. Performance acceleration should take into consideration the human factor.

Our Mission

We look into your company’s DNA, organisation, and challenges to provide solutions that are relevant and impactful. We thrive in making you achieve sustainable success while reducing operating costs.

Our Process

Our well-rounded and customised methodology aims at building a solid platform for collaboration. We help our clients to align their business and communications objectives with clear action plans.

All our services are customised for


Marketing and Communications Divisions


Human Resources Division


Sales & Customer Service Divisions


Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Individuals

Your needs, Our Services

Audits & Strategies

Profitability audit of all your digital activities

Comprehensive technical and user-centric audit of your company’s website

Audit of social media presence: channels, tools, strategy, governance, competition, numbers

Social media strategy: community management, content, advertising, reporting

Global digital marketing strategy: platforms, governance, synergies

Trainings & Workshops

Business development on LinkedIn: how to get more leads

Technological and competitor’s advanced monitoring

Best practices in community management

Use of digital data: how to create synergies between departments

How your employees can become your online ambassadors

How to align business and communications strategy with relevant digital actions

Digital Transformation

Build a smart digital governance and collaboration between departments

Digital Usage Optimisation: collaborative tools, planning, reporting, performance

How to brief, find and collaborate with agencies and external partners

Set up effective approval processes internally and externally

Startups & Freelancers

Get constructive feedback on your business model

Learn how to communicate efficiently on a budget

Personal Branding Assessment and Training: elevators pitch, social media presence

Talents Management: when and how to outsource, essential in-house functions

Digital Headhunting

Headhunting for best digital talents in Switzerland

Help in the recruitment process: interviews, tests, salaries

Optimisation of the structure of the digital department

Employer Branding

How to recruit, onboard and keep the best digital talents

Define online corporate guidelines for employees

Create employees ambassadors’ programs

How do we work?

One on One Meetings

Workshops and Trainings

Online Conference Calls

1-2 days Team Offsites

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