Swiss Marketing Vaud Conference: Nespresso Case Study

‘How Premium brands adapt their content strategy on Facebook’. Conference in French, at the Musée Olympique de Lausanne. Taïssa gave many tips on the relevant community management and content strategy used for one of our clients, Nespresso. Conference in French

Swiss Marketing Vaud Conference: Nespresso Case Study

Short interview of Taïssa’s vision of marketing for brands and consumers. Interview in French

TV Interviews

Live TV Interview at the Swiss National 12.45 News broadcast

For the second time, Taïssa gave a live TV Interview on Swiss National news, this time around about consumers’ online feedback on brands, products and services. Interview in French

Live Interview for Dukascopy TV on Online Personal Branding

How to better use social networks for personal branding. Interview in English

Live TV Interview on the Sharing Economy – Radio Télévision Suisse TV Journal 12:45

Expert blogger for Bilan Magazine, the leading business and economic news magazine in Switzerland, Taïssa was invited by the Swiss national TV (RTS) to speak on the topic of the Sharing Economy. Interview in French

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